Dec 08 2010

How To Eat Pizza

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When life gets busy, pizza becomes  the default meal for families, and it is the reason many people including children become overweight. Why? Because pizza carries a lot of calories and few people eat just one 3 ounce slice. The combination of fat and salt in every pizza makes it truly irresistible, causing us to eat more than we actually need. For example a medium thin crust pizza from a pizzeria contains 1680 to 2320 calories. The average adult is thought to need 2,000 to 2,500 calories per day or about 600 to 700 calories at a meal (if they include a few snacks during the day). Using these numbers  a quarter of a whole medium pizza or two slices is all most of us need at a meal but almost everyone I talk to eats way, way more than that. Another really big problem is the fact that a slice of pizza carries a lot of saturated fat the type that clogs our arteries, and the sodium content is significant, potentially causing a rise in blood pressure. In my opinion  if you are eating pizza more than once a month, it could be the cause of weight gain and increasing the risk of heart disease.

Eat Pizza- In a Healthier Way

When ordering pizza ask for vegetables, chicken and or ham instead of pepperoni or extra cheese.

Order it with half the cheese on no-cheese, this makes it more like a vegetable pie but it is delicious.

Serve it with a salad.

Buy a plain frozen pizza from the freezer case with 1200 calories or less and add extra vegetable toppings.

Make pizza  For the Love of Food way ( as pictured above)

Read more from Center for Science in the Public Interest about your favorite brands of pizza at

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