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Oct 25 2010

Don’t Be Fooled by Candy disguised as Health Food

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I recently met a mother worried about her sons food choices. He takes his own lunch to school and is not a big milk drinker, or fruit eater, so  she sends him to school with a package of  yogurt covered raisins, thinking she is getting a serving of both dairy and fruit into him. Unfortunately [...]

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Oct 18 2010

What Does Your Child Need To Eat To Be Healthy?

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Confused about what to feed your child and how to do it? It really is not complicated; serve a fruit or vegetable (or both) at every meal, serve a good protein containing food at most meals and include whole grain bread, cereal or pasta at most meals. At snacks serve fruit, vegetables or low fat [...]

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Oct 06 2010

Gain Weight by ‘going diet”

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Can eating diet foods actually cause us to gain weight? Should we add real sugar back into our menu to lose weight? You would think with the addition of over 6,000 diet products added to the American food supply between 1999 to 2004 it would have helped prevent the obesity epidemic, but it has not. [...]

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