Sep 06 2010

Five Second Rule- True or False?

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We have all heard the advice: a dropped food can be eaten if  picked off the floor within five seconds because   not enough time will have elapsed in five seconds for the food to actually become contaminated. Well someone has actually investigated the science behind that theory and found it to be “Bologna”!

Professor Paul Dawson from Clemson University  in South Carolina found  bacteria can survive up to 4 weeks on dry surfaces such as linoleum, tile  and carpeted floors and   can be transferred to food within seconds of contact. If there is bacteria on your floor and food comes in contact with it  chances are that potentially illness-causing bacteria  will catch a ride on the food and cause you to be sick once it is eaten. So either keep your floors immaculate or don’t eat anything that hits the floor even if you pick it up within five seconds.  See Dr Dawson’s YouTube video on the subject  explaining his  research

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    Five second rule true or false.. OMG! :)

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