Aug 30 2010

Kids like small sized snacks best

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An Australian study wanted to discover what influences children’s liking of snack products.  They divided over 200 children into two groups. One group was fed the same snack every day for 3 weeks, the second group was allowed free choice amongst 3 different flavors of the snack each day. What they found was that the shape of the snack influenced what the children liked, probably more than flavor. The small shaped snacks were popular throughout the  3 week period but the large shaped snacks with the same flavor as the small shaped snacks decreased in liking. The researchers at Deakin University concluded “In order to increase the likelihood that children will repeatedly eat a food product, smaller sized healthy snacks are preferred to larger sized snacks.” 

This supports the anecdotal advise I hear from parents all the time. When they want their  kids to eat more fruits and veggies they chop them into smaller, bite size pieces,  and their kids seem to eat a lot more compared to when they serve them whole. Try it, see if it works at your table!

Source: International Journal of Behaviour, Nutritiona dn Physical Activity.

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