Jul 10 2010

Fruit and Vegetable Portion Size- what is right?

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Parents ask me all the time about portion size. A simple rule of thumb is to serve 1-3 tablespoons of fruit or vegetable for each year of life. Start with a small portion then allow for second portions if your child is hungry. A two year old should be offered a total of 1 cup of fruit and 1 cup of vegetable each day. This is easy to do if you offer a little bit at each meal and most snacks. Here is how : mix fruit into cereal at breakfast, at lunch serve sliced tomato and carrot slices along with the meal and a few slices of fruit for dessert. For afternoon snack mix fruit into yogurt and at supper serve vegetables mixed into cooked food or serve them plain on the side with a slice of chicken and a potato. Don’t worry too much about portions, the important thing is to offer a variety of fruits and vegetables at almost every meal. If your child is served a fruit or vegetable at meals and most snacks s/he will become familiar with a lot of new foods and foods that are served often have the greatest chance of becoming favorite foods.

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