Jul 10 2010

Fresh, Frozen or Canned?

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I prefer fresh vegetables over frozen or canned but I live in New England and fresh is not always an option so I turn to canned and frozen. I like frozen vegetables because they are convenient and already chopped, peeled and ready to cook. Most are flash frozen, meaning they are frozen right after picking and they hold onto their nutrition quite well, but they can get a little soggy and lose some flavor. Even canned vegetables are an acceptable choice, they lose flavor and texture but they are convenient and often economical look for canned vegetables that have no salt added. No matter what you chose fresh, or frozen just make sure vegetables are part of most meals .

Ways to save money on fruits and vegetables

  1. Buy fruits and vegetables in season
  2. Grow your own
  3. Don’t waste leftovers. Add vegetables (cooked or raw) to broth to make a vegetable soup
  4. Use leftover fruits to make a smoothie just blend with yogurt and a little juice
  5. Cut fruit and vegetables at home instead of buying them pre-cut.
  6. Canned fruits and vegetables last a long time chose vegetables with no salt added and fruit that is canned in 100% fruit juice
  7. Frozen fruits and vegetables last a long time too keep a supply on hand
  8. Chose store brand canned or frozen fruit and vegetables over name brand.
  9. Avoid buying single servings the convenience will cost a lot more
  10. Buy frozen fruits and vegetables in large bags, not indivdual servings

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